Our marine collagen is obtained from crustaceans and fish from the sea, thus obtaining a collagen hydrolyzate in smaller molecules that the body can digest, helping as well in the regeneration of our skin, preventing sagging and wrinkles characteristic signs of aging and or when there have  a loss of body weight, collagen helps in making of our bones, cartilage, tendons, healthier, considerably favoring muscle regeneration and strengthening the walls of the veins.  collagen represents 30 to 35% of the proteins in our body, that's why when we have a deficiency which is typical of age, we lose a large part of our skin elasticity, noticing excellent results when consumed , our premium formula contains the highest certified quality standards.
From the age of 25, it can be seen that production decreases by an approximate percentage of 20%, from the age of 30 it decreases in a percentage of 30%, from 40 to 50 years onwards it decreases by a percentage 45%.
Our Marine Collagen contains many benefits for your body, the first is an antioxidant effect that helps prevent and eliminate wrinkles and sagging skin.

BIOTIN: benefits of the vitamin will be reflected in your skin, hair and finger nails.
MAGNESIUM: It is a mineral that provides necessary nutrients to strengthen bones and muscles.  Magnesium inhibits bone resorption, delaying bone degradation, generating bone formation and preventing muscle cramps.
VITAMIN C: It is an antioxidant that protects cells against the effects of free radicals. 

COLLAGEN FLASH:Contains many benefits for our body, the first is an antioxidant effect that helps prevent and eliminate wrinkles and flaccidity of your additional skin, it contains Biotin , Vitamin C and Magnesium.

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